Don't Get Bogged Down

Don't Get Bogged Down.

Author Ray Long

Ever driven into a car park and the first thing you had to negotiate were the pot holes? Where the gravel has long since been visible as it's sunk into the ground. You may have even gone into those that are so gravel heavy, manoeuvring becomes impossible and the loose gravel ends up on designated pathways designed for accessible access. Maybe you've experienced all of this and paid for the privilege.  

Ibradrive gravel retention grids are not only for domestic driveways, we have seen a growth in community construction projects and commercial parking over the years. Due to their unique design, they hold gravel in place, have anti slip nodules ideal for icy conditions, able to withstand weights of 500 tonne per square metre and made entirely from 100% recycled plastic. The other advantage of having gravel control means they are ideal for buggies and wheelchairs. If going for the discreet look where the grids are not visible, that may be a bit more of a struggle to push, but only similar to pushing over grass as the gravel is still held in place.

For more information about our products, please feel free to explore the website further or give our dedicated sales team a call on 0115 654 8490. 

"The product was exactly what I was looking for and ticked all the boxes for me - in particular UK made with 100% recycled plastic and a product guarantee.  I was also delighted to find very full details on your website covering preparation of the site, installation etc.  You’d be amazed how many sites don’t even give you the size of the grid or tell you what the square meterage is." Meg Prolingheuer



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