IBRAN-L lawn edging

How to build the perfect garden border

Author Ted Bromley-Hall

Do you have borders that need tidying and cutting back from your grass or path?

This quick how-to guide will help solve all your garden border nightmares!

Firstly you need to consider how you tackle your weeds - which sounds like an uphill battle, right? You only need to take the tops of the weeds off, so you could start by mowing them down, ripping them out or simply cutting them back. Then you can lay weed suppressant over the top.

Control the weeds - cover them up!

This membrane acts as a permanent barrier to weed growth. It's also permeable, allowing water through to the sub soil, which allows selectively planted crops, etc. to grow in the holes you cut in the membrane.

Roll the membrane over at the edges to create a clean edge that will not fray.

Cut back at the joins.

This step requires you to square off the edges of the border with an edging tool. These semi circular spades are awesome bits of kit that make cutting straight edges along your border super easy. Make sure to use a piece of string to mark out a straight edge for you.

This perfectly straight edge is now ready for a divider. This can be a piece of wood, concrete blocks, metal strips or plastic edging. Don't like the look of rotten wooden boards? Take a look at IBRAN-L lawn edging

Want curved or straight lines?

With IBRAN-L, you can cut the base straps to free the vertical face up to be curved. Once pegged down with garden pegs, the curved edge will hold and create a clean, non-warped face.

With this combination of membrane and edging, you can cut back on the amount of maintenance you need to do to your border, patio or pebble areas.

Take a look at IBRAN-L and FABREX for more info.

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