What are Gravel Grids used for?

What are Gravel Grids used for?

Author Ray Long

Gravel grids can be used for a variety of purposes both within domestic and construction settings. They can be used for driveways, paths, patio/bbq areas, foundations for sheds, summerhouses and on a larger scale car parks and commercial outdoor display areas. They are the basis for any sustainable outdoor project. 


IBRADRIVE parking grids interlock and reinforce your gravel or grass driveway, making it stronger for all weather use. Each grid is designed to hold up to 500 tonnes per square metre, making them the strongest driveway parking grids ever made. Also ideal for paths, they are easy to cut which means they can fit effortlessly around non movable objects such as manhole covers, where essential access can still be gained and come with a 25 year guarantee. Due to their unique design, they prevent slipping/churning and used with our geotextile membrane to prevent weeds from growing organically, will require very minimal maintenance. 


Due to their impressive weight advantage, any outdoor structure can be placed on the grids. This in the longterm, due to the drainage qualities, means the structures will also have a longer life, preventing early rotting, rust and warping


Sometimes you can visit a commercial setting or drive into a car park and the first thing you do is try to avoid the potholes. This is not ideal for wheelchair users or people unsteady on their feet. The grids contain the gravel to prevent slipping, churning and uneven ground, and are easier to wheel over. They also reduce the risk to your car.

Every single grid made by us is made from 100% recycled plastic, helping reduce and lock in plastic pollution forever in a truly unbeatable product. For more information about our industry leading products, call our sales team on 01603 972954 or visit our website where you can find helpful tutorial videos. 

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