Do you need a grid for a gravel driveway?

Do you need a grid for a gravel driveway?

Author Ray Long

Without using a grid on a gravel driveway/pathway, you could potentially be buying gravel on a regular basis to replace lost gravel to road, tyre treads or simply burying it in the soil. As the gravel is your biggest outlay cost, it makes sense to purchase grids to prevent any loss. 

IBRAN-X grids have a unique design that makes them perfect for all weather conditions, can withstand weights of 500 tonne per SQM and have a minimum 25 year guarantee. They keep the gravel firmly locked in place, even if you choose to go for the discreet look. They are easy to cut so they can fit any shape, and as they are made from 100% recyclable plastic, the offcuts can go in your domestic recycle bin to go through the process again. 

As well as locking gravel in, they are the perfect foundation for outdoor structures, preventing sheds/summerhouses/greenhouses from rotting or warping, saving you further outgoing cost to replace. 

Call our sales team on 0115 654 8490 who have all the information you need, or explore the site for tutorial videos, gravel calculator & delivery times.

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