Read: Lock in Waste Plastic for Good

Author Ted Bromley-Hall

IBRAN is a supplier and manufacturer of recycled plastic garden products and landscaping supplies. Our passion is for creating high quality products out of plastic that otherwise would become pollution.

Plastic is much maligned for its lifespan which, when discarded carelessly, makes it one of the worst pollutants mankind has ever produced. But put to good use, this lifespan is actually a benefit!

As our products are made from recycled material, can you trust the quality?


After all, our stated aim is to reduce plastic pollution and the only way to truly lock it in "bad plastic" for good is to make something of such high quality that lasts.

Installing something that's not going to hold up in the short or long term just results in having to do the job twice or if you're doing it for a customer, it results in a bad reputation that hits your business.

So in looking after the quality of the products we make, we're looking after you, your customers and your business.

That makes us the ideal supplier partner for your recycled plastic landscaping products.

How does this affect the price of IBRAN products?

There's no getting around it - you will usually get the very rock bottom price on most things from a far eastern import made from virgin plastics.

Your business, reputation and project is more than a commodity and with IBRAN you are more than a commodity to us!

We work to give you the very best deal which covers all eventualities at a price that's still competitive within the market. In doing so, it gives us a strong foundation to run a business that can continue to tackle plastic pollution but more importantly, it gives you the assurance that we will continue to support you for the long term.

Besides, using recycled plastic is relatively inexpensive when you're redirecting it from landfill! So in all aspects, we give you and your customers the very best deal.

A process you can trust.

As manufacturers, we have control over the entire process from the injection molding process right through to the packaging and logistics. This is done here in our factory in the UK from which we dispatch nationwide and abroad.

This tight, in house control benefits you directly in terms of reliability. Straight from the mould and out of the door to your site, exactly when you need delivery. Ordering from us directly puts that control in your hands.

The supply for your project is in safe hands with us, now and in the future.

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