Low maintenance at low cost, whatever the project.

Low maintenance at low cost, whatever the project.

Author Ray Long

Creating your ideal environment at home is very important. There are many factors to take into consideration. First of all, the template. Did you see something and thought you would like to achieve the same effect? Or did you look at your surroundings and start afresh, creating something personal that was suited to your needs? Secondly, did you think about how you were going to do it, or did you make a start and see what happened next? And thirdly, did you consider the cost to get the job done?

2020 was a year that gave most of us plenty of time not just to think about our personal environment, but to actually roll our sleeves up, get outside and make a start on that project we’ve been putting off. With that in mind, most of the work involved very little after care. 

Probably the biggest challenge facing us budding landscapers was figuring out the first steps to converting what we saw day in day out into what we wanted to see and enjoy. Areas needed to be dug up, levelled, suppressants put in place so that what we dug up didn’t return almost immediately, and was there a simple and effective way to ensure whatever was created stayed in place with very little maintenance?

During lockdown, we saw a spike in demand for the main component needed to achieve the perfect foundation suitable for any project - the industry leading ground reinforcement grid, IBRAN-X. Not only able to hold weights up to 500 tonne per square metre with a minimum 25 year guarantee but also 100% environmentally friendly. Once in place, it remains so and you can enjoy your creation without ever having to worry about continuous upkeep. 

It’s no surprise then that our grids aren’t just suitable for home garden design. We’ve seen a huge increase in demand from communal and commercial properties investing in our products for the same reason. Essentially, it is a relatively small investment for a product that delivers a low maintenance space effortlessly and reduces the amount of time spent tending to it going forward.

Whatever your project, our dedicated sales team is here to help answer any questions you may have. 

“Can I give a massive thank you to Sam who really helped me through the process. Nothing seemed too much trouble.Sam even highlighted the fact the price for my particular circumstances was even cheaper than what was shown on the internet page. Big thumbs up to Sam, saved £30 on the order. Will recommend the company and Sam to friends and family and anyone else who asks about the shed base.”

“Sure enough, I found your website whilst searching gravel grids, can't remember if it was through a sponsor link amongst the search results. However what was a deciding factor was the price! There are thousands of people/companies selling gravel grids on every platform around. But yes the price was unbeatable, the website was clean and simple, with good  reviews. In fact, as a supporter of the product, I just bought another batch last night and told everyone about them! I just really hope they come in as quickly as the first order came in.”

“Very pleased with the girds , they were very well packed, arrived on time, easy to put together and lay, now got an instant pathway filled with 10mm golden gravel, will be buying more , thanks.”

 We were very pleased with the last order we placed with you: an easy to understand and easy to order web page, right through to the confirmation by email and also the super quick delivery. All in all we were very pleased with your company and that’s why we have returned to you for more grids. Thank you for the great service”.

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