Gravel driveway grid stabilisation
  • Versatile Installation

  • The IBRAN-X grass, gravel and ground reinforcement grids can be installed on virtually any surface, thanks to our comprehensive and complete system. An industry first.
Lawn and gravel edging by IBRAN
  • Incredible Definition

  • IBRAN-X provides your project with locked in definition. Combine grids and compatible edging for crisp, longlasting style.
The Most Comprehensive Ground Reinforcement Grid System

IBRAN-X Ground Reinforcement Grids

Not just plastic grids.
IBRAN-X is the industry's most complete and comprehensive grid system, designed to allow anyone to easily install an attractive surface on virtually any site.

With IBRAN-X, you can create walkways, driveways, parking and leisure areas on any pre-existing surface, thanks to our range of enabling products and components.

IBRAN plastic gravel parking mats/grids for stone retention

Grass, Gravel and Ground Grid

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Resurface anywhere.

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IBRAN gravel grid ramp
Key Features of the IBRAN-X Ground reinforcement grid system

Why choose IBRAN-X?


Thanks to quality design and manufacturing, we built this system to last. With minimal maintenance, you can reasonably expect the IBRAN-X system to last in excess of 25 years.

Easy Installation

Our system enables you to install stunning surfaces quickly and easily on virtually any site. The interlocking tiles form the basis of any surface installation conceivable.

Exceptional Service

With over 10 years in the industry, we've forged a first class reputation for customer-first service. You're dealing directly with a manufacturer at the forefront.

Rapid Delivery

Straight off the machines, checked and packed into boxes and on the way to you. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver your order quickly and reliably when you need it.

Cost Saving

No middle man. Dealing with the manufacturer directly saves you money. The IBRAN-X system is designed to save you time and labour costs, helping with the project budget.

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