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Cargue la imagen en el visor de la galería, Plastic garden shed base kit
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Rejillas de base de cobertizo de plástico

Rejillas Plásticas IBRABASE. Rejillas entrelazadas de fácil instalación, adecuadas para todos los edificios de jardín.

Presentamos IBRABASE, nuestro sistema de rejilla de base de cobertizo ecológico, fabricado íntegramente con plástico reciclado. Nuestro diseño de malla fácil de instalar proporciona una base resistente y confiable para su cobertizo, al mismo tiempo que protege la parte inferior del cobertizo contra la humedad y los daños. Con nuestro sistema, disfrutará de una mayor estabilidad y drenaje, así como de la tranquilidad que conlleva el uso de un producto que es a la vez sostenible y duradero. Actualice los cimientos de su cobertizo hoy con nuestro sistema de rejilla para base de cobertizo de plástico reciclado.

Selecciona tu caseta, invernadero o base de construcción indicándonos cuál es su largo y ancho.
Moisture proof shed base grids
Just some of the many things our customers ask about our garden shed bases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are plastic grids good for a shed base?

You might think we are a little bit biased. Most shed builders will lay a concrete pad for the foundation, which are definitely solid.

But what happens when the weather turns and heavy rain starts to run under your shed?

Garden shed bases made with our plastic grids do not allow that water to get to the bottom of your shed. This stops the water from attacking the timber and preventing the rot.

Our garden shed base kits provide great airflow which stops the build up of humidity near the timber.

No concrete or block raised bases can do that! Our plastic shed bases are the best way to make a shed base without concrete.

What is the cheapest base for a shed?

Plastic grids are the cheapest base for a shed.

The savings are both short term as well as long term. You could put concrete blocks underneath which are per unit rather cheap.

But are you going to put these onto bare ground? If so, what happens when the ground gets wet and starts to move around underneath the blocks?

Plastic shed base grids don't move when they're installed. Provided it's level enough, you can install them onto bare ground. Not much site prep needed for a simple gravel pad!

They don't need any stone in to be effective either, so there's very little preparation needed. This keeps your labour costs down.

And as plastic is indestructible, these grids will last in excess of 25 years.

Can you use a plastic shed base without gravel?

You do not need to use gravel directly underneath the shed.

The stone does help to stabilise the surface but the weight of the shed should be enough to pin the building down. Adding extra underneath the shed will help with keeping the floor of your garden shed level though.

If you have exposed sections of grid, it's good to fill in them with stone to tidy up the job. This also will help with pushing wheelbarrows, etc. across the surface.

If you have exposed sections, we also recommend using our ramp edging to make moving wheels easier.

It is therefore up to you whether you prefer to use stone for the whole garden shed base or just the exposed sections of grids.

Do plastic shed bases sink?

We have designed our shed base grids with a mesh structure that stops sinking.

You may have seen examples of sheds built on other grids where the building rocks or has sunk. Many grid designs don't take into account ground conditions and how the shed settles.

Our design features an X on each of the cells which helps to spread the weight of the shed evenly across the grid. This means you don't need a membrane and you don't need concrete foundations.

To stop your shed sinking, use IBRAN garden shed base grids for your next shed build.

How much gravel do I need for a plastic shed base?


Our plastic shed base grids can be installed beneath a garden shed without filling them. They're strong enough to hold an articulated lorry, so they're strong enough for any shed!

If you choose to fill them, you'll need 15kg of stone per grid.

Customer Reviews

Based on 262 reviews
Kevin Tingle
Shed base

Real easy to put together, strong and sturdy. Fast delivery and great support.

Ben Mottram
Does what it says on the tin

Going to be used as a shed base on existing paving so elevating the shed is essential - south wales valleys are usually damp from September to August!

Ken Taylor
Valuable time saver.

Express delivery, Now that the rain has eased off, I have been able to level an area for my shed base. The product clips together easily, the strong plastic units become very stable when filled with 1/2 inch washed shingle, delivered in a bulk bag by local builders merchant, much cheaper and much easier than laying slabs or mixing concrete highly recommended.

Paul Hewitt
Easy order process.

Easy website to place order, great price, next day delivery and using recycled plastic, brilliant!
I haven't actually used the grids yet but they arrived in good condition and I don't forsee any problems.
Recommend 💯

Great Product & Quality Service

Arrived quickly and great product. Easy to install and the website helps you work out how much you need. We liked the product so much we decided to extend the area to have an area for our bins. I would recommend. Just wish the delivery was cheaper for having to order two lots, although my own fault.

Transforming landscapes in Leicester Hills
  • Made in the UK.

  • IBRAN shed bases are proudly made using machines and materials all sourced within 25 miles of our Midlands factory.
Plastic garden shed base kit
  • Made to last.

  • As well as a simple design that's easy to install, your next project needs dependable quality. We consciously choose quality material that's in budget, instead of the cheapest. This ensures that you have a product you can be confident in
Plastic shed base grids

Easy Gravel Shed Foundations

All Weather Durabilidad

Plastic Shed Base Grids and Mats
IBRAN plastic gravel parking mats/grids for stone retention


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