Are gravel grids a good idea?

Are gravel grids a good idea?

Autora Ted Bromley-Hall

Gravel grids are free draining, wheelchair accessible, versatile paving products. They allow you to create a wide range of surfacing finishes using different styles of stone. The grids stop the stones from washing away or being scattered by tyres.

Grids give you a solid, permeable gravel surface that is accessible. You can fill them with any type of stone you like the look of the most.

The cornerstone of this is the shape of the grids themselves. With reinforced cells, the surface is strong in its own right. They will support the weight of all domestic and some commercial vehicles. Add stone, and it becomes incredibly strong.

The best part of using gravel mats is that you can put any 10-30mm stone in that you like the look of the most. This gives you a much wider choice of finish for your surfacing vs bland tarmac or concrete.

They’re a great choice for your surfacing project.

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