Who are IBRAN?

All About IBRAN

For over 10 years, IBRAN has been at the forefront, sustainably manufacturing ground reinforcement and drainage systems from 100% recycled plastic. In that time, we are proud to have supported over 94,000 ground reinforcement projects and 17,000 drainage projects.

Environmental Focus

Since the very first day trading, our entire focus has always been on reversing global pollution and climate whilst providing genuinely high quality products. We want to contribute to improving both the natural and the built environment. In doing this, we are directly involved in turning over 12,000 tonnes of waste plastic into some of the industry's finest quality grids, drains and edging products.

Local Supply Chains

We are lucky to work with and be supported by so many great Midlands-based suppliers and partners, which helps us directly contribute to our local economy whilst reducing the mileage on our raw materials. All of this without compromising on quality or reliability.

Personal Professionalism

It takes a real understanding not just of how the industry works but the people who work in it. When you're talking to any one of our small but extremely proactive team, you'll be surprised by what kinds of questions we ask. Even things you might not have even thought of. And our wealth of knowledge is exemplified by the info and practical solutions we can guide you on.