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IBRAN-X Gravel Grids

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Instale Rejillas de Grava IBRÁN para garantizar calidad, consistencia y confianza.

Fabricamos las rejillas de grava líderes en la industria para entradas de vehículos, senderos y estacionamientos. Sólo utilizamos plástico reciclado ecológico. Nuestras rejillas de grava resistentes y fáciles de instalar cumplen con las normas SUD (drenaje gratuito). Son adecuados para todos los estacionamientos, accesos y senderos aptos para sillas de ruedas.

Fabricadas en nuestra propia fábrica del Reino Unido, cada rejilla de entrada de grava se controla la calidad y se fabrica según estándares exigentes en los que puede confiar. Estamos seguros de que le encantará trabajar con IBRAN Gravel Grids. Tal como lo hacen miles de contratistas respetados cada año.

Instale las rejillas de grava IBRÁN una vez y disfrute de la confianza durante muchos años.

Cada rejilla es de 0,25m2 (4 por m2)

Especificaciones completas en la parte inferior.

Customer Reviews

Based on 318 reviews
Charlie S
Excellent product

Good price, arrived on time, easy to lay. Couldn't be any better.

Gravel hrifs

Easy, great price, delivery and simple to install. Big thank you

Phillip Hall
Thank you Ibran

Second time using Ibran, both experiences were great, from easy use of website to delivery. Grids are of great quality and easy to use. Will recommend Ibran to anyone with a ground work project. Will definitely be using Ibran in the future for other projects to come.

Drive phase 1

Excellent product easy to lay good price will use again for next phase.

Lee Robinson
Great service

Product works and delivery prompt

IBRAN products are made in the UK
  • Made in the UK.

  • Our plastic gravel grids are proudly manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, sourced within 25 miles of our Midlands factory.
Install gravel grids as a low cost gravel driveway surface for caravans and SUVs
  • Built to last.

  • As well as a simple design that's easy to install, your next project needs dependable quality plastic grids. We consciously choose high quality, recycled plastic to ensure you have a product you can be confident in.
How to install gravel grids for driveways

Easy Installation

All Weather Plastic Pavers

All weather grass parking surface
IBRAN gravel grids with grey stone pebble in fill


IBRAN-X gravel grid parking surface installation visualisation
Just a few things you might like to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Four BIG reasons to choose IBRAN.


Above all, your project needs accurate information you can rely on. We're here ready to provide you with advice and up to date information on your project. Dealing directly with the manufacturer puts you in direct control, cutting the chain right down to just you and us.


We've been manufacturing our grids for over 10 years. In this time we've made constant incremental improvements to the design, drastically improving


Delivering quality products and service has made us the industry's go-to manufacturer. We don't turn the phone off when the office shuts and remain accessible when you need us, responding quickly to everyone.

Environmental focus.

IBRAN exists with one purpose in mind: to create great quality, long lasting products from waste plastic. Our ambition remains to clean up our oceans by catching waste materials before they enter the waste cycle.

By creating durable, quality products thousands of customers want to use, this locked up plastic will improve your project.

How to install IBRAN-X

Installation of our gravel pavers is simple and anyone can do it.

We recommend you read our installation guide to make sure you order the right materials, ready for the project.

Can you lay IBRAN grids on soil?

Yes, you could lay gravel mats onto soil provided you line the base with membrane first. However, for the best performance, we strongly recommend you use a sub base of compacted type 1 MOT.

For more info, read this guide.

What do you put under gravel driveway grids?

As with any other surfacing project, we recommend using a well compacted sub base composed of hardcore, sand and membranes.

For more detail, read our guide.

Are your grids suitable for heavy duty use?

We over-engineered our grids to be as good for commercial use as they are for domestic.

This means reliable access roads, car parking areas and even warehouse hardstandings are possible with IBRAN grids.

There isn't much our grids can't handle.

How long do grids last?

With good preparation and ongoing care, you can expect your gravel grids to last more than 25 years.

For more information, please read our guide.

Do the gravel pavers sink?

Like any surfacing option, grids only sink if the sub base is of poor quality, not prepared well or non-existent.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to prepare your sub base well. For best results, please refer to our installation instructions.

Can you lay the grids on concrete?

Yes, you can. But when installing on existing concrete or tarmac, you need to consider what edging you choose. When cars ramp up onto the grids, they apply twisting and compressive forces onto parts of the side walls not intended to bear weight.

That’s why we have a range of different edging products including the industry's first and only ramp edge designed especially for gravel grids.

Do the grids need to be visible?

Only if you want them to be. You have no obligation to leave your grids exposed if you don't like the look of them. Lower the excavation by 10mm so the top of the grids sit 10mm below the final height so you can add more stone.

If you prefer to see your grids, you will want to make sure that you fill and maintain your grids with enough stone to do the heavy lifting. Whilst the grids are strong in their own right, the stone and its compaction is where the strength comes from

What are gravel grids made of?

We make our paving grids from eco friendly, 100% recycled plastic (PP+HDPE).

We consciously made this choice with the environment - and not profit margins or greenwashing - in mind.

The company's entire ethos has always been to contribute positively to improving the natural and built environment. With so much plastic floating around in the oceans, why would we choose virgin material when we can lock it up for good?

How much gravel do I need for a gravel grid?

Depending on what type of stone you’re using, it may vary. The general rule we apply is to start with at least 20-30kg per grid. To calculate it the most directly, for every 1 square metre, you need 80 - 120kg of aggregate.

You have so many different types of aggregates and gravels to choose from. Think as much about things like clogged up tyre treads as you do aesthetics when you choose your gravel.

To lay a gravel driveway or parking lot, we recommend 20mm angular gravel. For footpaths, we recommend 10mm pea gravel. Our gravel stabiliser holds anything from 10mm to 30mm.

To do this calculation quickly for you, we built a gravel grid calculator. It finds the area and then multiplies it by our suggestion.

The calculation: Length (m) x width (m) x 120kg

Other questions

You'll find more about our gravel driveway grids and more on our How To blog.

Learn more about IBRAN-X

Specification Sheet

Full specifications for IBRAN-X are available to download via our product specification sheet.

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