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Caniveau de drainage pour allée IBRAN-S

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Canal de drainage qui protège votre allée des inondations !

Le caniveau de drainage pour allée IBRAN-S est un caniveau de drainage en plastique facile à installer et à entretenir, conçu pour les allées domestiques.

  • Coffre-fort pour conduire, marcher ou faire du vélo - parfait pour les allées.
  • Passez moins de temps sur la maintenance grâce à un accès facile et sans boulon.
  • Installez en quelques minutes avec des joints coulissants qui s'emboîtent.
  • Se connecte à votre système de drainage souterrain existant via des sorties verticales standard de 110 mm.
  • Connectez les coins, les jonctions T et X.
  • Dimensions : 1000 mm x 140 mm x 140 mm
  • 15 ans de garantie
  • Appelez pour les commandes EN VRAC.
    Installation of IBRAN-S driveway and patio drainage channel
    Some of the many things our customers ask.


    How to install a patio drainage channel

    To install a run of drain grates, prepare the channel to at least 200mm depth. This gives you enough depth to set the drain channels into concrete.

    To allow for adequate drainage, ensure that you include at least 5-10mm "fall" for each 1m in length. Position the vertical outlet above the rainwater drain. The slope should also angle towards your storm water drainage.

    The vertical outlet has a cap that you should knock out and remove. This allows the water to drain away.

    To create a 90º bend or other joints, use our quadbox/corner unit. These connect via the same male-female connections as the channels themselves.

    Once everything is in position, blank off the ends with our end caps. This stops concrete entering into the drains and blocking the flow.

    Check the installation is effective and the water is flowing in the right direction. A simple test is to pour water into the furthest end of the drain. It should flow towards the outlet.

    Tape over the grilles to protect them from any cement marks. Keep the drain grates on the channels whilst the concrete is setting so that they don't change shape.

    To finish up, back-fill around the drain channel with cement to support all sides of the channels. The plastic needs compression from the concrete for it to be strong. Consider the plastic as a form for creating a concrete drain channel.

    Can you add drainage to an existing patio or driveway?

    Yes. It's a little more involved than installing from scratch but the preparation is the same. You will need to cut away and remove a section for where you'll install the channels.

    For existing patios or driveways, you may need to use a disc cutter or grinder to slice through your slabs. Make sure to measure the appropriate width and length before cutting. Use a straight edge to guide your saw along the length of the channel.

    After that, just follow the same installation process as normal.

    Should a patio drain towards a house?

    The recommendation we offer is to always drain your patio away from your house if possible. Try and include a gradient of around 2% in the direction away from your house.

    But if it's very difficult to do this then you can use our drain channels. These gullies' design takes high volumes of water into account. Point the drains with a 0.5% to 1% slope towards a rainwater drain so they can empty out into them.

    Can you drive a car over IBRAN-S drains?

    If you follow our installation guide, they're solid enough for light vehicular traffic. Think small family cars, rather than trucks, SUVs or fully-laden panel vans.

    This is what the A15 loading class means.

    Do they need to be cemented?

    Yes. The strength of all plastic-based drainage solutions comes from concrete.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Andrew Dyer
    Well designed drain

    Very impressed. IBRAN's drains have built in fall which means I didn't have to faff around too much with the levels on the sandstone patio job I just did for a customer.
    Delivered quickly, easy to connect up and drains well.
    Thanks IBRAN

    David Jenkinson

    Needed drains for a patio job. I left it a bit late to order needing them next day. Called Chris who sorted them for the following morning. Job done and customer very happy

    Dom White
    Great value for money

    Quality drains, well priced and delivered next day. Very happy

    Cameron Hhinson
    Good deal

    I used Google to shop around for drains and components and IBRAN worked out significantly cheaper. I thought with the price it was worth a punt and I'm glad I did because these drains are really good quality.

    Murtagh McKay
    Quality and Speed

    I ordered a pallet of channels from IBRAN to be shipped to Inverness. Drains are high quality and delivery was made in 2 days of ordering. Very happy.

    Transforming landscapes in Leicester Hills
    • Made in Leicestershire.

    • IBRAN products are proudly designed and made using machines and materials all sourced within 25 miles of our Leicestershire factory.
    • Made to last.

    • As well as a simple design that's easy to install, your next project needs dependable quality. We consciously choose quality material that's in budget, instead of the cheapest, to ensure that you have a product you can be confident in.
    IBRAN-S Drain Channel End

    Easy Installation

    All Weather Drainage

    IBRAN-S Driveway Drainage Channels
    Patio drainage channel for surface water aco drainage by IBRAN


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