Are gravel grids worth it? Absolutely.

Are gravel grids worth it?

Author Ted Bromley-Hall

One of the most frequently asked questions is "are gravel grids worth it"?

What are the pro's and con's of using gravel grids to replace your driveway surface? Is it really worth it buying them?

We're firmly in the camp that not only are gravel grids worth it, they provide even greater stability whilst maintaining a high standard of finish for much. much longer than not using them for your gravel driveway.

IBRAN was founded originally as a landscaping and gardening company and we've seen all kinds of gimmicks and fashions come and go during the 15 years we've been running.

You may be forgiven for wondering what all the hype is about when it comes to gravel grids. As one person on Facebook rightly commented on our page, "it's just simple plastic mesh"! So what's the big deal?

Gravel grids are low cost and save you money in the long term too.

IBRAN-X gravel grids aren't cheap, flimsy bits of plastic that fall apart the minute a car tyre even glances them, never mind drives over them. Our grids are solid, reinforced mesh structures designed to take an absurd amount of weight whilst holding gravel in place. While strength is a massive bonus, these grids are designed to help reduce the amount of gravel you need to cover an area to just 60-70kg/sqm.

In the longer term you'll find these grids reduce the amount of gravel lost to the road, to your footpath - to your tyre treads!

Compared to other surfaces, the overall cost of laying a grid-bound gravel driveway is relatively cheap.

With your sub base or existing but degrading solid surface in place, a bulk bag of gravel (without shopping around too much) from Jewson's will set you back only around £60 for 800kg.

This 800kg will cover 10-11sqm, bringing the cost to around £5.45-£6 a sqm! This really is amazing value for money.

Can I drive over them in winter or with a motorbike?

Yes! In the 15 years we've been around, we've tweaked the design and added new features having listened to your feedback. Less advanced designs were notoriously bad for being slippery in the snow and for motorbikes.

The simple solution to that - add anti slip nodules on the top surface. It was a no-brainer really!

This means you can use your gravel driveway the whole year through, without ever getting your wheels stuck or spinning, no matter whether it's snowed!

The year through, gravel driveways that have been reinforced with grids are stronger, more resilient and easier to drive over than any gravel driveway.

The verdict?

Well we think it's pretty conclusive. Gravel grids are definitely worth the investment for a strong, durable driveway surface that costs less and lasts longer!

What do you think? Leave us comments and questions below!