Sub Base Calculator

Use this tool to calculate how much sub base you need for your driveway.

Use this calculator to determine how much sub base you need to order for your driveway, parking space or pathway. It can be used to help you order the correct amount.

It takes into account how wide, long and deep your new surface is. If you're using IBRAN-X grids to reinforce your surfacing, make sure to choose whether they are being installed beneath grass or gravel.

Surface:  Gravel
Sub Base Type:  Type 1 MOT
Quantity:  226.50kg

How to calculate how much sub base you need

This sub base calculator allows you to calculate how much sub base you need (type 1, 2 or 3) based on the length, width and depth of your installation and the approximate density of your chosen sub base.

The formula for this is:
Length (m) x Width (m) x Depth (m) x Density (kg/m2)

Our calculations are based on the following approximated stone densities:

Size Density Loose Density Compacted
Type 1 MOT 1510kg/m2 1810kg/m2
Type 2 MOT 1620kg/m2 1820kg/m2
Type 3 MOT 1600kg/m2 1840kg/m2