Weed suppressant membrane for weed control barrier fabric.

Geotextiles & Membranes

For your next project, choose IBRAN woven and non-woven geotextiles and membranes.

Discover strength and durability with our woven geotextiles, ideal for robust soil stabilisation and reinforcement needs. Experience superior filtration and drainage capabilities with our non-woven geotextiles, ensuring reliable erosion control and efficient water flow in diverse environments.

Bid farewell to unwanted weeds using our weed control membranes, which effectively suppress growth while maintaining air and water permeability. For cost-effective weed management, our weed control fabrics offer durable solutions suitable for gardens, pathways, and landscaping projects.

Whether it's soil stabilisation or weed suppression, our collection provides the durability and functionality needed to elevate your landscaping and construction endeavours.

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The ultimate geotextile weed suppressant. Without using weed killer sprays, gels or herbicide treatments - this thick, woven geotextile ground cover membrane will keep your weeds down forever - o...
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Engineered for durability and superior performance, our non-woven geotextiles offer optimal soil stability and efficient drainage in various applications. Key Features: Superior soil stabilisation...

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