Ocean Cleanup

Our stated aim is to help people make more sustainable choices in their lives.

Whether it's one of our recycled plastic products from our landscaping range or a simple everyday item that replaces a single use, disposable alternative, we want to help connect you with better choices.

With our day to day lives dominated by convenience products we've been conditioned to use, it's very difficult to break those habits and make a different choice. Just 60 years ago, these convenience products were not so widely used and so the global pollution pandemic had not yet set in.

We're not calling you to arms in a hope that you will give up convenience altogether. Convenience does not need to come at a cost to the environment.

Our stated aim is to improve and simplify our hectic lives, whilst swapping waste for sustainability.

The biggest companies on Earth won't do it, so we've got to do it for ourselves.

In doing so, we'll start to combat the growing destruction of our planet, our oceans and our future. If enough people make simple changes, we may even be able to reverse it.