Sustainability Statement

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at IBRAN and we take the meaning of the word far beyond the usual confines expected of the industry.

The industry within which we operate can be used to directly better the future of our environment and by ensuring all our materials and third party services are sourced from local suppliers, we can actively fight climate change with plastic.

All our feedstock materials are locally sourced and recycled, helping to contribute to the fight against environmental pollution, whilst reducing the carbon footprint contained within the products in the first instance.

IBRAN Sustainability and Reforestation Ambitions

Beyond this, we look to utilise and improve upon low-energy processes, in conjunction with a commitment to using renewable energy. The single largest impact that any manufacturer or supplier can make upon their carbon footprint is to use only renewable energy, which slashes 97.8% of the carbon emissions overall.

IBRAN moulding facility for ground reinforcement and surface water drainage products

IBRAN is your agile, independent partner that’s already making strong progress across all our Environmental, Social and Governance targets. We are a team that works with you, putting responsibility at the core of every decision – from our own operations, to the products we manufacture, sell and recommend.

As a manufacturer, supplier and partner to your project, we are one of the few companies who are pushing to become carbon negative, not just neutral, because net zero is not enough.

And finally as a company, we are working towards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation - in order to keep us accountable - but whilst also actively dedicating ourselves to even more sustainable practice.