We love to showcase our customers' gravel driveway ideas.

Take inspiration and gravel driveway ideas for your next project from our previous customers' photos. Many of these DIY gravel driveways were reinforced with IBRAN-X grids.

These are just of the best shingle driveway ideas we've come across in over 10 years. We give thanks and credit to our customers for sending in these incredible photos.

Use ideas and elements of our customers’ gravel driveway designs to inform your own decisions in forming the best plan for your gravel driveway. For more info and technical detail, take a look at our driveway installation guide.

Gravel driveway grid stabilisation
  • Shingle Driveway in Market Harborough

  • This developer used gravel drive ideas from us to add a stylish approach to this stunning hillside property.
Modern gravel driveway
  • Modern gravel driveway

  • Simon created a modern gravel driveway using a combination of granite setts, block paving and 20mm white and black granite stone.
Gravel driveway Grids installed on a slope
  • Sloped Gravel Driveway

  • This slope was surfaced with a combo of grids and grey limestone to provide a permeable, sloped gravel driveway.
Gravel driveway extension
  • Gravel Driveway Extension

  • Robert Jamieson used gravel grids to extend his tarmac driveway.
Tudor Style property with gravel driveway

Jake's Tudor House

J Holliday Landscaping Backyard Gravel Driveway Norfolk

James' Backyard Gravel Driveway Idea

Sweeping gravel driveway idea

David's Sweeping Driveway Design

gravel driveway idea for caravans

Great Oaks' Caravan Driveway

raised gravel driveway idea with sleepers

Nick's Raised Gravel Driveway

Pallet proof gravel driveway

Peter's Pallet-Proof Parking

Red car parking on reinforced gravel driveway

Leo's Red Gravel Driveway

Gravel driveway leading up to garage

Bernard's Driveway Idea