Can you keep a caravan in your front garden?

Can you keep a caravan in your front garden?

Author Ray Long

During the pandemic, staycation in the UK became the most popular holiday option. More and more people bought caravans and campers, but pre-Covid this was already a booming industry, especially with the amount of festivals in the UK offering motorhome camping from the late 90's. Since the increase, space at home to park these vehicles meant a lot more people vacated their driveway and parked their cars back on the road. Many adapted their front gardens accordingly or were lucky to have enough space to park both. When the motorhomes are not in use and without the right surface, the vehicles would churn up lawns if trying to move them or get stuck especially if they stood directly on gravel without any suitable base.

To solve this issue, our customers have been able to fix all of these problems by installing IBRAN-X gravel retention grids as tracks (as shown above) or by covering the entire area underneath their mobile homes. When filled, the grids are able to hold ultra heavy loads (as shown below), perform like conventional solid surfacing and yet don't buckle ensuring easy manoeuvring without having to bust a gut, wrecking your garden in trying to move them. 

The other positive about using grids is that they require very minimal maintenance once in place and having a minimum 25 year guarantee means your holiday vehicle stays in place when not used and will be easy to hook up or drive off when needed.

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