How do you start a gravel garden?

How do you start a gravel garden?

Author Ray Long

We offer up suggestions on how to achieve the best ways to use gravel in the garden, but the best solution and ideas are generally from our customers. 

Gravel gardens with the right foundation require very minimal maintenance. They are ideal if you have very limited time to spend gardening, are unable to maintain due to old age or ill health or if you just want to be outside and enjoy the weather. 

Colin Drysdale sent us these images demonstrating the many ways to use our gravel grids in his garden. As a foundation for a greenhouse which prevents it from warping and rusting, for garden paths to access around the planter beds and as a patio area to sit back and relax. 

Gravel gardens start more often than not with the removal of topsoil so everything is level. Once level, a geotextile weed suppressant is laid on top to eliminate the use of weed killer sprays, gels or herbicide treatments. Once in place, our gravel grids are locked and laid in place before filling ideally with 10mm or 20mm of gravel. This will allow drainage so the water won’t remain on the surface, and in winter there'll be no slipping as the grids have anti-slip nodules on the surface. 

Our gravel grid page has all the relevant information and video tutorials to help you plan and gravel your gardens and driveways. Please feel free to call us on 01603 972954 if you require any further assistance.