Read: How long do gravel grids last?

Author Ted Bromley-Hall

The answer to this is dependent upon how well you prepare the foundations. Like a well built house, solid foundations give what’s on top the best possible standing in the long term.

It follows that if you build your sub base to a high standard, your grids will perform to a high standard.

They can outlast and outperform any tarmac, concrete or even block paving surface. The reason we're able to make this statement is because the grids are permeable and do not suffer with erosion due to the weather. You will have seen many concrete or tarmac surfaces where the surface has become cracked and potholed. Our grids allow water to pass through to the sub base, aiding drainage and stopping standing or freezing water.

We use sturdy recycled plastic for our products. With good preparation and only minimal ongoing maintenance, you can expect your gravel grids to last more than 25 years.