Manhole cover load classes and sizes

Manhole cover sizes and load classes

Author Ted Bromley-Hall

Manhole Cover Sizes and Load Classes

Manhole covers are essential components of drainage systems, providing access for maintenance while ensuring safety. Understanding the different sizes and load classes of manhole covers is crucial for selecting the appropriate type for specific applications.

Manhole Cover Sizes

Manhole covers come in various sizes to fit different openings, typically measured in milimeters. Standard sizes include:

Manhole Size Usage Case
300mm x 300mm Smaller access chambers
450mm x 450mm Residential access chambers
600mm x 600mm General utility access chambers
900mm x 900mm Large utility/industrial access chambers

Choosing the correct size ensures proper fit and functionality, preventing debris from entering the drainage system and providing safe access for maintenance workers.

Load Classes

Manhole covers are categorised by load classes, indicating the maximum weight they can withstand. The European standard, BS EN 124, defines several load classes:

Load Class Max. Weight Capacity Usage
A15 1.5kN / 1.5 tonnes Very light duty, pedestrians areas: gardens, patios and driveways
B125 12.5kN / 12.5 tonnes Light vehicular traffic up to 12.5 kN or 12.5 tonnes
C250 25 kN / 25 tonnes Used for verges, car parks, and light traffic areas
D400 40 kN / 40 tonnes Large utility/industrial access chambers
E600 60 kN / 60 tonnes For industrial areas with heavy loading
F900 90 kN / 90 tonnes Suitable for areas like airports with extreme heavy loading

Selecting the correct load class is essential to ensure safety and durability, preventing cover failures under load, which can lead to accidents or system damage.

Understanding these factors helps in choosing the right manhole cover for specific applications, ensuring both safety and functionality in drainage systems.