Read: What do you put under driveway grids?

Author Ted Bromley-Hall

Every good surfacing project starts with a well compacted sub base. This is true whether you’re using driveway grids with coloured stone or block paving to create your finish.

Without a good sub base, your final surface will be unstable. Gravel grids rely on sub bases without voids, air pockets or inclusions.

Our standard recommendation is to:

  • Excavate to at least 210mm depth.
  • Line the base of your hole with a permeable membrane. You want the rainwater to trickle through to the subsoil which stops erosion.
  • Fill and layer your excavation 50mm at a time with Type 1 MOT, dampening and compacting with each pass. Keep filling until you are 60mm below the top surface level.
  • Once you have compacted and levelled your base, add a layer of screeded 10mm sharp sand.
  • To prevent the grids from migrating into the sand, line it with a woven, permeable ground cover membrane. An added benefit is that it helps to prevent any weeds growing. This helps simplify the ongoing maintenance of the surface.
  • Connect the grids together, with the grids sitting 5-10mm below the finished height.
  • Now choose your aesthetic and fill with any 10-30mm stone.

For full installation instructions, we recommend reading our gravel grids installation guide.