What is the best base for a shed?

What is the best base for a shed?

Author Ray Long

IBRAN-X shed base kits are easy to install and ready in minutes to provide a free-draining, long-lasting, solid foundation for your shed or garden building - guaranteed for 25 years. 

With IBRAN-X shed base grids, your shed will stay dry where the footing would ordinarily touch the ground, preventing it from rotting and saving you money in the long term. As a direct substitution for a concrete slab, it will save you time and money in the short term too!

Made from 100% eco-friendly, recycled plastic, each shed base grid butts up to the other and raises your shed off the ground. This provides it with natural drainage and a 40mm raised profile, preventing wood rot and warping. This ensures your shed looks and lasts the test of time, without needing to install expensive and time consuming concrete platforms.

In-filled with stone or shingle aggregate and your shed base becomes fully drained whilst raised off the wet ground. This allows you to have a full gravel surround right up to your shed, without any overlap or gaps.

Our customer Richard Bartlett had this to say "A few before & after shots of my first venture with Ibran - an anglers shed on the fishery I run in North Yorkshire. Still needs a little tidying up but very pleased with the outcome, & particularly with the grid base - it went in an absolute treat, albeit with a bit of backache!"