Will bushes grow in gravel?

Will bushes grow in gravel?

Author Ray Long

A question we often get asked is how do the grids fit in around already planted shrubs and trees? Due to their design of locking together, they are also easy to cut. This is ideal for any immoveable man made object such as drainage covers, or already planted vegetation. So you can start immediately laying down the grids without having to calculate avoidance tactics as you can see.


The best thing about installing grids around trees and bushes is that, not only do they minimise disruption and damage to tree root structures, they also provide distribution of weight and loads evenly across the base of the tree and its roots. Whilst it's unlikely you will drive so close to a tree (after all you don't want to damage your car either), it's good to have that assurance. 

The grids are 40mm high so you know how far to dig down. We can help with how many grids you'll need and our gravel calculator works out how much gravel is needed for a flush or covered look. If using our geotextile weed suppressant this allows fluid to pass through to help with the drainage making sure those existing trees and shrubs get plenty of water to drink.

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