Innovation and Technical Product Design

Beyond the scope of our "core product" range, we also work closely with architects, quantity surveyors and construction industry professionals to develop new products to solve technical challenges and budget constraints.

The reputation and skills demonstrated by our core product range gives us a great foundation for applying our product development and manufacturing blueprint to other aspects of your project. If your project requires technical solutions not fully met by existing products within the market, we could be the ideal sustainable manufacturing and product design partner working alongside you.

No two projects are exactly the same and while our core product range can be used for a huge variety of different applications, sometimes you may need something a little more bespoke.

IBRAN recycled plastic block pavingIBRAN recycled plastic retaining wall blocksIBRAN recycled plastic roof slates and tiles
Recycled plastic fence posts installed in a field for strong stock fencingPlay equipment made from 100% recycled plastic

We have the expertise, both in product design and green manufacturing, to translate your requirements into a ready-made solution, all made to the same exacting standards our clients have come to demand and expect from us.

Talk to us about your upcoming contract or project and let's put together a plan of how to solve its specific challenges.