Are gravel grids expensive?

Are gravel grids expensive?

In the gravel grid market, as with any other landscaping product, there are many different brands, each suggesting different levels of price and value. IBRAN-X Gravel Grids are manufactured in the UK, making them both inexpensive whilst also exceedingly high quality.

But the real question is, what is the cost of not installing gravel grids for your gravel driveway? Several factors lend themselves to this answer.

You could quite easily come to the decision that to install a gravel driveway, throwing some hardcore down and topping it off with some stone will be enough to do the job. That might be true for a few months but if you intend to drive over it, you'll find the stones start to disappear quite quickly and large ruts appear in your driveway which lead to damage to your car.

Inevitably, you'll end up spending time and money on replacing the missing stone, making it a hassle.

However with a gravel retention grid system such as our IBRAN-X gravel grid, not only will your surface feel more solid (like walking over a block, resin or tarmac surface) it will maintain the same even finish as the day it was installed.