Cutting Shapes in Plastic Construction

Cutting Shapes in Plastic Construction

Author Ray Long

Not all gardens are square or rectangular, and certainly not all are level and flat. Depending on where your house is situated, you’ll find many obstacles to overcome or take into consideration. This will of course affect the planning and actual works you have to undertake. Drainage covers and other immovable objects need careful attention, to be able to gain essential access, and some much needed renovations don’t get started because of this.

Our industry leading ground reinforcement grid, IBRAN-X is perfect for all these solutions. Made from 100% recyclable plastic, it’s easy to assemble and cut to the perfect shape. The offcuts can go straight into domestic recyclable waste bins to go through the process again and again, ensuring that it doesn’t end up in landfill. You can fit the grids around what can’t be moved, allowing you continued access, and even more importantly, the gravel will remain in place and not end up in drainage/waste. But it’s not just the aesthetic end effect that makes our grids so appealing. You can add any garden structure to be placed on top of them. With a weight limit of 500 tonne per square metre and a minimum guarantee of 25 years, you’ll have endless choices of what to have in your garden. 

And it doesn't have to be the whole garden. Our customers return to us to purchase our affordable grids for their varied projects constantly, after finding the initial grids had done such a great job. We’re always happy to receive pictures of how their ideas took shape. If they encountered any problems during installation, our easy to navigate website and tutorial videos, expert sales and customer care teams have provided lots of solution ideas. We also take onboard the ones we hadn’t thought about and appreciate our customer and contractor knowledge. Afterall, we hadn’t thought that our grids would be the perfect foundation for a garden skate ramp. 

IBRAN-X gravel grids aren't cheap, flimsy bits of plastic that fall apart the minute a car tyre even glances at them, these grids are solid, reinforced mesh structures designed to take an absurd amount of weight whilst holding gravel in place. While strength is a massive bonus, these grids are designed to help reduce the amount of gravel you need to cover an area to just 60-70kg/sqm.

In the longer term you'll find these grids reduce the amount of gravel lost to the road, to your footpath and to your tyre treads! Compared to other surfaces, the overall cost of laying a grid-bound gravel driveway is quite affordable, as is for the whole or part of a garden. The ideas as we say are endless, pathways, patio areas, shed bases, driveways, but our design is here to help you achieve all of these and more. Please get in contact with us if you wish to discuss your ideas in detail. 

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