IBRAN-X grass grids for caravans, holiday parks and park homes

Holiday Parks - Avoiding Voids and Access Issues

Author Ted Bromley-Hall

Holiday Park Owners are plagued by site access issues, hurting profitability.

More and more sites are turning to IBRAN-X grass grids to help naturally improve their site access, reducing ruts and preventing the destruction of pitches and parking spaces.

Naturally, Holiday Parks are sites with a large amount of green space between pitches and homes. This makes them vulnerable to the effects of adverse weather combining. Vehicular use is foundational to any site's day-to-day operations as well as client and guest access and without solid surfacing that protects against churning, it will result in both costly repairs and voids.

The natural solution is to introduce a permeable surfacing that protects the ground whilst maintaining the green aesthetic and function. IBRAN-X is the answer.

With the changing climate, increasing demand for park homes and holiday park developments, it's becoming increasingly clear that it's well worth making a modest investment that protects pitches, access and the bottom line.

We can't stop the rain but we can stop it losing you money.