Product design to tackle flooding in existing urban developments

Persistently wet weather - UK and Western European property

Author Ted Bromley-Hall
If this persistently bad, wet weather tells us anything, it's that our drainage infrastructure needs some serious improvement!

Whilst other major manufacturers in the industry are well placed to supply solutions to new housing developments, we at IBRAN have recognised that the challenges faced aren't just limited to new builds. Older housing stock in the UK in particular (as well as across Western Europe) is becoming vulnerable to new and emerging wet-weather patterns.

Installing solutions within new projects is so much simpler and there are some major financial and logistical barriers to retro-fitting solutions where age-old pipework, access roads and foundations already exist. Existing homes sadly don't always get the protection legally demanded of and afforded to new developments and retro-fit solutions aren't always adequate or cost-effective. Unfortunately the cost burden falls with the homeowner, whilst infrastructure can sometimes take time and investment which may be in short supply.

We need better, affordable design.

It's a challenge we in this industry need to rise to before the rising floods completely transform the lives of so many for the worse.