What Is The Width And Height Of A Pallet Of Grids?

What Is The Width And Height Of A Pallet Of Grids?

Author Ray Long

Here are some regular questions we get asked about IBRADRIVE Retention Grids from our customers.

What is the depth of the grid?

The actual depth is 40mm/4cm. On the top of the grid moulded into the design, are anti slip nodules to prevent slipping in icy conditions. 

How much gravel is needed to hide the grids?

For a discrete looking finish, we recommend using 30kg of 10mm or 20mm gravel per grid. If you wish to see the top of the grids, we recommend 20kg of 10mm or 20mm gravel per grid.

Is there a difference between the grass and gravel grids?

None at all other than what you want to choose to fill them.

Can they take the weight of forklift trucks or large lorries?

Per square metre, the grids can withstand weights of 500 tonnes. So forklift trucks and large artic lorries have no problem as they daily drive over them to collect and deliver multiple pallets from our factory.

Do you need any additional parts to fit the grids together?

The grids are designed with interlocking clips pre-moulded into all four sides of the grids, so you can assemble large areas in minutes.

What is the width and height of a pallet of grids?

One full stacked pallet measures 1.2m x 1m x 2.4m

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